Affordable Cleaning services for commercial and residential buildings, equipment and furniture

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Slika ureda

Cleaning of offices and commercial buildings

Slika stubišta

Cleaning of staircases of residential buildings

Slika prozora

Washing and cleaning of windows and storefronts

Floor cleaning

Daily and periodic maintenance

Cleaning after construction works

Final clean up after construction works

Čišćenje nnamještaja i tepiha

Deep cleaning of holstered furniture, carpets and mattresses

Čišćenje vozila

Deep cleaning of cars, buses and other vehicles

Service Price
Cleaning of offices and business premises from 10 – 15 € per hour
Cleaning of staircases and apartment buildings from 3 – 5 € per apartment
Cleaning after construction works from 2 – 5 € / m2
Window washing 3 € / m2
Deep cleaning
Corner seating from 23 €
Couch from 20 €
Armchair from 10 €
Chairs from 3 – 7 € per piece
carpets from 4 – 7 € / m2
mattresses 180x90 14 €
mattresses 180x180 20 €
cars 80 €
buses negotiable
Looking forward to a successful cooperation! EKO LiF
ECO LiF is a small family business located in Stupnik near Zagreb. We offer cleaning services for home and business owners. Our strengths are the quality, reliability, flexibility and discretion. On these values we want to build our relationship with prospective clients.
EKO LiF Gorenska 34, 10255 Gornji Stupnik, Zagreb 0959095758
vl: Mirjana Lekavski
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